Having a website is very common but this is not one time accomplish task. You have to update or redesign your website over a long time period.

Website needs a redesign, when

Here we share three most important sign which indicates that your website needs to be redesign or not.

1. Responsive Design:

Here responsive means a website that will successfully run on various plate form such as desktop, smart phone, iPhone, tablet etc. When end user view the website the complete view of the website should be visible and when they view the website on any other devices like smart phone or tablet then the same website should be adjust as per the screen size.Responsive-Design

If your website is responsive then you don’t need to create a multiple website for separate devices. Responsive website offers you better conversion rates. Else if your website in not user friendly on other devices then you may lost your potential customer.

Too Much Loading Time - Website Redesign

2. Too Much Loading Time:

Maximum users expect that the website should be open within 5 to 8 seconds or less. 70 % visitors quit the site if it take the time to open more than 8 seconds and they will not come back again to shop. So if your website is taking more time to load then you must redesign your website to increase the performance.

Not Up To Date - Website Redesign

3. Not Up To Date:

If you are unable to update your website or updating a website is headache for you then you must have to redesign website. It should be a very clean and user friendly CMS that admin can update the website content very easily and quickly even though when he is not technical.

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