Digital Marketing Artificial Intelligence – Everyone talks about how artificial intelligence and automation will impact the manufacturing and servicing industry in the coming years and how it might be overall harming the people’s livelihood, especially for those whose jobs will be lost due to them. But there is one sector that has seen the intertwining of the widely used technology and artificial intelligence. The results of that have been overwhelmingly positive, and that sector is the eCommerce market.

No matter which Digital Marketing for Business service provider you ask they will tell you that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is valuable to grow your business, but it is an essential element in the current market. According to recent studies, high-performing sales teams are 2.3 times likely to use AI-guided selling, resulting in better sales.

Digital Marketing Using AI:

Digital Marketing

Still not convinced? Here is how the premier Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur and Artificial Intelligence helps you boost your sales figure.

Lead generation and scoring

It is a tricky business to find the right person to sell your products to. Ask any salesperson, and they would tell you that finding interested parties to sell their products to is the most challenging aspect of their job. However, not selling the product no, finding interested parties is the harder task, and even in the online market, the situation is not much better. According to a recent study, 75% of the online leads gathered are a waste of time as either the customer on the other end is not interested, or the product is not within their price range.

But by using Artificial Intelligence, as done by a digital marketing agency in Jaipur, one can not only engage with the customer in real-time and direct them where they need to be to find the right product in their price range, but they can do data processing and gain insights of the customer’s behaviour and interest.


One of the bigger benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in your eCommerce business is that it can personalize content seen by the viewer according to their taste, interest, and budget. A single query typed in the search box, a scroll on the website, and even their past purchases provide the Artificial Intelligence several data pointers about the customers, then inserted into the AI algorithm. Using user data pointers like the individual in question, the AI can easily suggest a personalized feed of what they may like next. That is the same way Amazon uses AI technology to target its visitors.

Communicating with the customer

Artificial Intelligence-driven chat boxes have been a massive cause for the increase in sales in the online market. They might not seem much, but a customer can search for their needs using these AI-controlled chat boxes by selecting their preferences, and the algorithm will show them the right product for their needs. These chat boxes are also used to answer Frequently Asked Questions, register complaints, or connect the individual to a customer service representative. Thus, a whole is process simplified, which nudges the customer to shop from your store for a seamless purchase and service. Influencing the subconscious mind with positive feedback is essential in the eCommerce industry.

There are other benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in the eCommerce industry like the shorter sales process, boosting the efficiency of sales reps, and better customer support, which again feedbacks to the loop, and all this after the human race has only started to scratch the potential of artificial intelligence in online business.

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