Just building a good website is not sufficient for online business. The most important factor is how people come to know about your website and visit it. Mostly people find the website on search engines like Google, yahoo etc. Hence it is essential that your website should have good ranking on search engine because generally people never go beyond the first page of the results pages.

SEO Techniques

SEO is the only way through which your website may come at top rank on search engine results pages if these points are considering along with those techniques.

1. Choose worthy keywords:

Keywords are words that end user generally use to find your website or services. Hence you should select the idea that gives the accurate idea about the business or services. Your keyword shouldn’t be too short it should be detail oriented.

2. Use appropriate page titles:

Always use appropriate and clear page title because it is accessible by search engine spiders and by doing so website will be index easily. Page title shouldn’t exceed to 70 characters. Use spider friendly page titles including some keywords.

3. Place quality links:

Placing high rank website link to your website would be beneficial for your page ranking. These links are called inbound links which are considered as a vote for your website hence more incoming links increase your page rank. Find the high rank website that should be related to your business and offer them to link his link on your website if they do the same for you. By placing disreputable website link may harm your ranking so always avoid such links.

4. Make Sitemap:

A site map is a page of website that includes all the links of pages that existing in website. It makes easier to read to search engine spider as well as site visitor also. Using XML site map is more beneficial for search engine page ranking.

5. Connect with social media:

Social media websites plays a vital role in search engine ranking so make ensure that your website a link at least 3 to 4 social networking website. There is no need to connect so many networking website. You may place the link some of favorite and most popular website like facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumbler, Google+ etc.

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