Knowing the exact difference between the landing page of the website and home page is quite important. If you are a professional and wish to have a greater traffic, make sure you at least know the difference between the two. Using both pages this is quite crucial for inbound marketing and getting leads. Pages with different contents are quite important for business orientation. Different pages with different contents drive money towards your website. However, you must have specified quantitative goals that would serve your business better.

As mentioned, either of the landing page or the homepage needs to have a particular role-play in your business. You must give proper contexts to the pages for generating the awareness stage amongst users. The decision-making and conversation stage would generate only when the written content is fruitful enough.

The pages ought to be quite efficient in answering the prospect questions of the customers. Also, you need to practice agile marketing for applying the approach stage in your website updates. If you are able to have high quality content over your pages, naturally there would be more traffic to fetch you greater profit.

What is A Content Page?

Content pages are slightly different from home pages and the landing pages. They consist of stories and other vital information in the form of endorsing stories. Most of the content and stories are placed on the secondary pages of the websites. Content pages consist of certain Para-phrases and keywords that are highly important from the SEO view point.

What is A Home Page?

Home Page

Home page is an introductory page of your website. It serves different goals than the landing or content pages would fetch. The home page in simple words is like the door of your home. People can make judgments as soon as they enter your home. Hence, you are making an impression upon the users through your home page. Generally, people spend less than 10 seconds over the home page of the website. It means that you really need to tell a lot about yourself to your visitors in a short span of time. The best is to add Imagery to your home page instead of too much content. No one has enough time to read the long written contents. Make a difference by adding some videos and images right over your home page.

The main goal of the home page is to generate an image about your business in the view’s mind. The awareness stage would trigger the marketing process and would definitely fetch you with sound monthly results.

What is A Landing Page?

Landing Page

Lading pages have objectives of their own. They help to turn the visitors into customers. Visitors visit the website and simply move out if they don’t find anything doable. But if you have generated a good home page, you would turn them into potential leads which is the final motive of any business. Your landing page is the best place to convert client intrigue into a manful conversation. Therefore, a landing page is particularly designed with a thought of conversion in the back of the head. You can add certain sweet and short stories along with some pictures to clarify everything on one go. A landing page has minimal navigation because we do not want our visitors to go anywhere. The content copy has to be extra compelling.

Landing page and the home page have different rate of conversions. Landing pages are expected to convert 40% of your visitors into leads. They are optimized with special efforts. In fact, landing pages are the best for enhancing the inbound marketing program from a certain view point.

Importance Of Landing Page

All in all, landing pages have a significant importance from search engine view point. They rank quite well because of their primary goal of conversion. It must be noted that if you are able to fetch higher SEO ranking to your landing pages, maximum of your visitors would get converted into customers. Search engines have their own algorithm to convert people landing on a particular page. Therefore, your main target must be to generate the best lading page which should be SEO optimized in every aspect.

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