We frequently heard the news of hacking in our daily life. Security of our data becomes the top most concern of everyone. This article illustrate simple five tips though which you can protect data from hackers.

protect data from hackers

1. Encrypt the data: Always encrypt the data in order to protect from hackers. It is considered as the best security tool. There are numerous encrypting software available through which you may encrypt the data. Encrypted data cant be read through unauthorized even your hard disk stolen from your computer.

2. Protect your Wi-Fi: Your Wi-Fi connection must be protected with password. It is same as a lock in your home. In lack of password there is possibility of hackers that can use your Wi-Fi and as a result they can access your computers, steal private data, can send you spam/viruses and can steal your online banking record through the record of websites you often visit.

3. Keep better password: Password is the most important factor to protect your online as well as offline digital information. Many people keep the simple password that they can remember it easily, which are easily captured by hackers. They have automated tools that use the combination of dictionary words and numbers in order to crack the password. So always use the special characters, numbers and combination of upper and lower case letters in order to make your password strong and unpredictable. Avoid of using same password in more than one website.

4. Install security software: Some most important security software like firewall and reliable anti-virus software like Norton, Quick Heal, McAfee are mandatory for every computer systems.

A firewall is a network filter that maintains a secure interface between your computer and public network. It protects the computer from unauthorized access and entering any harmful data into your computer. Always use latest version of anti-viruses and update it regularly.

For extra security you may also install anti-adware and spyware software. This kind of software protects from monitoring keystrokes in order to get your personal data like password, banking details etc and tracking of your internet use.

5. Keep unpredictable answer of your security question: There are so many websites Gmail, Elance, yahoo mail etc, who asks to choose security question at the time of account creation such as Who was your childhood hero?Where did you meet first time with your spouse?, In which city you born? Etc. This functionality will be used when you forgot your login password and by providing the correct answer of your security question you may get the new password.

Hackers can get break your password if you choose the simple answer hence it is recommended that choose the typical answer that can’t be guess by anyone. For example if you select the question Who was your childhood hero? then you may type the answer reverse order of alphabets. Don’t make your answer too much typical that forget it too.

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