Most of the twitter users have to face a trouble regarding to long URL. It is the most happening difficulty among users. To overcome this problem we have to shorten our URL But before going to the topic How to shorten the URL let me explain Why need to shorten URL?

Shorten Tips a URL for twitter

Why we need to shorten the URL?

In twitter messages, there is a maximum limit of 140 characters and if someone enters the URL that exceeds to this criteria limit then this situation occurred. For example, if a person wants to share a link of particular webpage or video or photo with his twitter followers then he might face this kind of problem because this kind of link usually contains more than 140characters.So in order to overcome this problem we need to shorten the URL.

How to shorten a URL?

There are numerous websites available on internet such as,, etc., which provide the free service to short the URL. For shorten your long URL, you have to just follow these simple steps:-

  • Open your preferred website, which provide the service to short the URL. For illustration type in your web browser and press enter key.
  • Copy your long URL address and paste into text field of link-shorter ( website.
  • Now click on Shorten button and you will get a shorten link instantly. Now you can easily utilize this URL in your twitter message box without having any problem.

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