Did you know Instagram videos Ads might be a good fit for your brand? Visually intriguing, engaging and compelling ads are trendsetters for upcoming years. With 1 billion monthly users, Instagram has set a benchmark for Social Media marketing after its counter platform Facebook.

Instagram Videos Ads Grow Your Business

From short ephemeral stories to stretched IGTV videos, there are many video Ads marketing skills that would resonate with your audience. 

E-commerce website development won’t boost your sales and depose your growth. You need to earn clients, amplify your marketing tactics and generate interest. The visual social network Instagram with 1 billion active users and 72% of them are absorbed through videos, reels and stores seen on the platform. 

Just a bundle of stunning visuals, high-quality photos and steered hashtags are scanty; you need nifty approaches and creative content to get the exposure and targeted audiences. 

Type of Instagram Ads

Before you march ahead, let’s have a glance at the type of Instagram ads:

  • Image ad
  • Stories Ad
  • Reels Ad
  • IGTV Ad
  • Shopping ADS
  • Collection Ads
  • Videos Ads
  • Carousel Ads

It has been testified that videos hold 5x more attention than still images. Indeed, videos ads are compelling, but shorter is more effective. Video ads could be 15 to 60 seconds long as per the design layout. 

Showcase your product with a short and incredible story

Adidas has brought momentum with appealing animated Ads in the market that captured the senses of millions. They exhibited 3-5 products in short animated videos with added text. 

As per HubSpot research, videos grab the eye of visitors that are just 26 seconds long and have driven most engagement. Instead of dilly-dallying, be as concise as possible and quickly get to the main point. Beyond it, there are many strategies to amplify your exposure with SEO services in Jaipur

Use simple words for Script and Overlay text.

One of the practical yet proven ways to seize your audience’s attention is to write text and caption in your overlay. Using concise and crisp words would help you grab attention, which won’t be diverted. Remember, it’s not a race of intricate and knowledge; it’s just to compel the audience and spread your brand’s message. 

Don’t make your ad seem like traditional Ads.

It’s time to amp up your skills. People are least interested in being sold to. Not everyone is there for buying; some are just scrolling to get something interesting. Try sharing tips and educational videos to boost your brand impression, attract an audience, and turn them into a sales funnel. Emphasize to maintain an equality of value and promotion. 

Engage with people and create a bond

When people invest time in your ad, make sure you respond to them. It will show commenter and viewers how you reply and address your customers. Responding to your comments, people will find your business/brand authentic and curious to learn more about it. 

Responding to ads builds better ties and rack up comments parallelly. 

Ally with Influencers

Influencer marketing has stirred the marketing strategies as it generates the most revenue compared to other social networks. 

Influencers would take your business account with their post, and it would be displayed as “Paid partnership with” followed by brand name. It would provide you with the option to reach out to more people, get higher exposure, and view the metrics.

In a nutshell, 

We have shared some easy-peasy tips to create efficient Instagram videos ads that steer sales. Be consistent and give time to generate ROI. Though it takes a bit of time, you would be pleased with the results. 

Cheers go for it!

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