Both Social Media and SEO marketing strategies are beneficial and unique. Unfortunately, many people are still debating them. First, find which marketing strategy is best for your small business. Then, explore the impact of digital marketing strategies on each business.

What is Social Media Marketing?

The business owner builds good relationships with the customer in this marketing strategy. The aim of this strategy is brand awareness through different social media platforms.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

This marketing strategy is based on ranking on Google search results. Therefore, you will need an optimized yet attractive website to drive more traffic in this strategy.

Which Digital Marketing Strategies Is More Beneficial For Small Businesses?

Here’s a comparison of marketing strategies based on business categories.

Business Reason to Choose Social Media Reason to Choose SEO
Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, Supplier, Exporter This marketing strategy is excellent for all manufacturing businesses to reach their goals. In addition, this strategy helps industrial companies to get closer to their customers. However, this method requires constant effort in posting content on different platforms. This process is time-consuming for many small wholesale and supplier businesses. Providing content about how to use their product is easy for manufacturing companies. This strategy is better because manufacturing companies have a higher chance of getting more customers from the internet. You can get more qualified leads by getting your website on the first page of Google.
According to a study, the search engine provides 64.2% traffic to manufacturing and industrial websites.
Fashion – Garment, Jewellery, Cosmetics, Watches, Handbags, Belts, Perfume, Sunglasses, And More You can convert your followers into customers by posting your attractive brand products. With your countless products, you can attract many new audiences.
You can boost your followers by generating engaging and trending posts. For example, you can post about products including Jewelry, Cosmetics, Watches, Handbags, and more.
A report states that Facebook influenced 72% of social shoppers to generate traffic on a fashion website.
This strategy is ineffective for the fashion industry since the trends keep changing. You will need new content constantly for your garment, perfume, sunglasses, and more products.
Sewing and Alteration, Personal Trainer (Gym, Yoga Center, Karate Classes, Hobby Class, Coaching Center/Tuition, and More) You can advertise your service to more audiences on different platforms. However, this strategy may not work for small businesses such as sewing and alteration. Instead, you will need to advertise your Gym, Yoga Center, Karate Classes, or Hobby classes to targeted audiences. SEO focuses on targeted audiences. You can use local SEO strategies to attract more customers from specific regions to take your services or specialized lessons. In addition, you can write a blog about your services and their benefits. It will help in the conversion rate of your small business.
Videographer, Photographer, Catering, Wedding Planner, Food Store, Restaurants, Cafe, Car-Bike Specialist You can use social media profiles to get potential customers. However, the social media platform is not best for explaining your services at the local level.
You can advertise your food store, restaurants, and cafe, but it may not reach the right audience. Instead, you will need to message your audience about your services for conversion directly.
This strategy is suitable for local service providers such as wedding planners, car-bike specialists, or photographers.
You can find potential customers by optimizing your website with the help of local SEO. You should ensure that your catering website is mobile-friendly. It helps more people to find your website.
According to a study, local SEO influenced 76% of people looking for local businesses.
Tour And Travel- Taxi Booking, Hotels, Travel Planner, Travel Guide This marketing strategy is best at creating brand awareness. For the tour and travel business, you will need to gain the trust of your audience. You will also have to explain your taxi booking and travel guide services. SEO is the best strategy for the tour and travel business. You can establish authority as a trusted travel planner.
Home Services – House Cleaner, Carpet Cleaner, Gardener, Handyman, Woodworker, Plumber You can tell your home service company to a large audience on social media. However, you will need to beat the other local competitor with similar house cleaners and carpet cleaning services. The local SEO strategy is more beneficial for home service companies. You can offer your services by optimizing your site according to your area. In addition, local SEO helps boost your company’s online visibility.
A stat shows that local SEO impacts 61% of mobile users to contact a local business.
Professional Services – Doctors, Lawyers, Advertising Professionals, Architects, Accountants, Financial Advisers Many Doctors, Lawyers, and other professionals advertise themselves on social media platforms. This strategy provides an opportunity to interact with the target audience. For example, you can share a post about your professional service on social media. You can share informative content related to your profession on Google. It will help improve your visibility. By achieving the trust of a targeted audience, you can outrank your competitors. For example, you can optimize your Google profile as a financial adviser with SEO.
SEO or Social Media – Which Is More Beneficial For Small Businesses ?

The Bottom Line – Digital Marketing Strategies

The success rate for both social media and SEO differs. However, the content is a must for both digital marketing strategies. SEO is slow but provides great results.

On the other hand, social media is quick but has smaller returns. The impact of both marketing strategies depends on what type of business you are doing. You can combine both strategies to boost your business visibility.

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