A email newsletter is a way through which you may interact with your customers directly regarding to latest offers, new arrivals, any updates, upcoming events etc. Sending newsletter is the easiest and simplest way. But sometimes it will not be successful due to unattractive or unorganized newsletter template. This article mainly shares some tips through which you may design a smart newsletter and maintain a healthy relationship with your potential customers or followers.

Designing Smart Newsletter India

Getting Started: Whenever you begin to start designing your newsletter then first of all you have to figure out what your newsletter do? Is it designed to sell products online or designed to provide information that brings traffic to your particular website. When you consider these couple of things then it will make it easier for you to start. While designing newsletter you have to focus on overall branding and your newsletter template must be similar to the website outlook.

Use Images: A newsletter contains text data only seems extremely boring hence using appropriate images along with text is the best way to attract the user attention. Choose the high quality big pictures for your newsletter. Your images should be unique because subscribers never want to the same images of products that are very common and consequently it will affect your business revenue. So if you want result oriented newsletter then images can plays a vital to achieve your objective.

Use Great Color: In addition to images standard color combination is also important. Use perfect color combination. Pick the color as per the website or logo. Use the different color for highlight some words Sale, Hurry, Discount, Free, New etc. this technique catch the subscriber attention.

Don’t Forget: There are some elements that are important for all newsletters so never forget to add in your newsletter template which is as follows:-

  • Information about company and products/services in short.
  • Link of unsubscribe newsletter.
  • Link to website.
  • Option to share with social networking website.
  • Email address and Contact No.

Compatible to other devices: There are a huge percentage of readers who use other electronic devices such as iPhone, smartphone, tablets, mobiles etc. So it is necessary that your newsletter template should be compatible with all.

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