Content Marketing refers to the creation of a written, video or image content for the purpose of endorsement. Currently, most of the marketers are relying upon the digital methods of content marketing. Digital content marketing includes advertisement and publicizing the brand through social media channels, web creation, SMS marketing, bulk emailing and pop-up advertisements. The overall costs of such methods are way lower than the traditional advertisement methods. Per head cost of advertisement is lower as well as attention seizing is higher.

Why to Choose Digitalized Content Marketing


The normal methods of advertisements come up with specific time duration of endorsements. However, when you choose a digitalized content marketing channel, the publicity of your products keeps going on for years. This method is bound to generate attention of customers along with their retention. The products can get publicized through the well-known Celebes at no extra expense. In fact, one can adopt one or more means of content marketing for becoming successful.

Benefits of Digitalized Content Marketing Tools

With advent of more and more brands, adaptation of digitalized content marketing tool is turning out to be increasingly important. No matter how much email marketing and internet marketing services have enhanced, the importance of digitalized content marketing continues to hike sales rates of the companies.

Some of the organizations have been consider this form of marketing as a futile and expensive way to endorse their products and brands. They think that traditional forms of advertisements are more effective than sending digitalized content marketing is. However, they fail to understand that this is the only way through which they can reach their customers in a direct way. No other form of marketing acts as a bridge between the seller and buyer directly.

Advertisements, emails, online schemes may end up getting ignored. But the texts received over the mobile phones are always read by the customers. The major reason being limited words and time taken to read them. Moreover, the direct approach forces customers to consider buying products than they would have considered in normal course.


Digitalized content marketing is an immediate and a direct channel of approaching customers

As per various surveys, it has been proven that 97% of the text messages sent over the mobile phones are read within 15 minutes after they are delivered. Thus, if you have send a text for promoting a specific product or brand, then you can be assured that you are going to get a fruitful result. 45% of text messages sent end up creating positive response.

One can utilize short codes for further simplifying the build data base and customer response

One can enhance the marketing process by adding up certain keywords and codes in the middle of the sent SMS so that it arrests the attention of the viewer within first instance. Too much of language is generally overlooked. Thus, you must create a short, simple and effective SMS.

Helps in generating enhanced customer awareness

Content marketing does not restrict itself to any specific parameters. It indeed helps customers to know more about the sold products through the links given and customer feedback numbers. Companies can also choose to add certain multimedia clips within the messages so as to make the messages all the more attractive and worth reading more than just once.

Inexpensive SMS marketing technique

One can get numerous customers response via SMSs sent. Generally, customers end up replying within 5 minutes of receiving any SMS sent by the company (if the feedback given is not chargeable).

Some important tips for having a successful content marketing

  • Sending monotonous reminders sent to the customers can end up getting ignored.
  • Make sure that every time you send a message, it must comprise of different content and multimedia.
  • No one likes to know about the same thing again and again. Thus, you must try luring customers using different tips and tricks.
  • ensure that there is a call for action in each content.

The above mentioned strategies can help people a lot in boosting up their overall sales rates. They can build a better reputation along with gaining customer trust at the same time.

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