There is no doubt that a good domain name matters in the success of any website. In this article we share a five general tips that is essential to choose right and catchy domain name.

Catchy Domain Name

1. Prefer to go with .Com:

.Com is a most popular extension around the globe. Besides this it is also very easy to remember. So whenever you go to choose your domain then it should be like name/.

2. Keep Short:

Try to keep your domain short. It is easy to remember in visitors mind and tell to others. Try to keep your domain under 6-10 consecutive characters.

3. Keep Simple:

Try to find domain name that has only one spelling. Choosing a simple domain without typical and confusing spelling is helpful for visitors to access your website instantly. Never use slang in your domain like choosing a domain in place of is dangerous for your web traffic.

4. Keep away from Hyphens:

This is the major mistake that people usually do. Hyphens are typical to remember in memory and as a result you lost lots of visitors. For example: you want to choose domain but that is not available in that case if you choose cause that is available so did a major mistake. Because maximum people forgot to type hyphen and they go to rather

5. Keep it Singular:

Choosing is good instead of Keep your domain singular as much as possible. It is considered as a search engine friendly domain and also good for your website traffic.

These five tips as mention above is beneficial for any one in choosing right and catchy domain name.

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