As mobile traffic increases by 52.3% worldwide in 2022. Thus Google has announced the term mobile-first indexing. Clearly, as tone mobile first indexing is to index websites to improve mobile SERPs Indexing. Now Google wants to show more appropriate results to its visitors which are coming from mobile phones. As the increase in mobile searches increases.

Google says that Mobile first indexing will be enabled by default for all new websites from the starting of July 2019. Google search will be indexed using the mobile first indexing. Websites that are not ready to be indexed using mobile first indexing will not be moved until they are ready to move.

Old websites: Old websites that are not ready to migrate, will be index in the same mode, desktop-first indexing. On the other hand, websites that are ready to migrate will continue to be indexed using mobile first indexing.

Websites that are ready for the MFI will notify them through the Search Console, so you will notice when your website fit for the new indexing. As Google continues to observe and assess the pages of every website to notify websites owners for MFI.

Is mobile first indexing affects the rank of websites: As Google tweeted The mobile-first index doesn’t change anything for ranking other than that the mobile content is used. While mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor on mobile, being in the mobile-first index is not.

As if you are an SEO service provider or a digital marketing company then you think more into the way of ranking on search engine thus you do to bother about the ranking if your websites not using mobile content. Your ranking will not be affected.

Your website should be mobile responsive throughout your all pages to increase your website’s existence on mobile searches over any search engine. So every website designing company in Jaipur or globally is focus to make your website fully responsive.

If you want to know that your website, blog, news website is mobile indexing on not. so google have a solution. Google is to introduce a new Feature in Google webmaster tool.

In Google webmaster tools there is one option that is called “URL INSPECTION”

Please click on this link to check your website is mobile indexing or Not.

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