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In today's digital world, internet and mobile phones have become an important part of our lives, now everything is being done online. In such a situation, mobile apps have become included in the needs of daily life. From entertainment, medicine to studies, the app is being used in many fields.

Due to which your business will need mobile app development. Which today not tomorrow you will have to get the website or mobile app design and developed to increase the business. In such a situation, if you can create a mobile app and achieve great heights in your business.

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Why is Mobile App Development Important?

Mobile apps development is very important in today's time for any business (Specially Ecommerce Business).

Best and Highest Marketing Source: The best and biggest advantage of mobile app development is marketing, reach, sell, and more. It gives its app directly to the people.

Make Your Own Brand: Make your business name a brand and get famous among people.

Increase Brand Visibility (24/7): Increase your brand visibility, awareness, reach, and more anytime and anywhere by doing online marketing activities.

A R InfoTech –
A Result Oriented Mobile Application Design and Development Solutions

A R InfoTech is committed to contributing significantly towards empowering businesses through performance-oriented and highly competitive mobile application design and development solutions. We develop user-friendly mobile application for Android and iOS devices through our extensive technical expertise. We will provide you with the best mobile application development service in the market at reasonable prices.

Our company has been renowned for providing its services in the technology sector since its inception in 2006. You can build your app through us and we will never give you a chance to complain. Today, A R Infotech loves to work for industries that are preparing themselves to be in the digital landscape. If you make your app from our company then we will increase your business efficiency through the app and reduce customer acquisition time and make you a better brand in the market. By which you will be able to beat the competition in the market.

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through Mobile Applications Development

Tell us about your business needs and we'll provide amazing ideas and concepts that will take businesses to the next level by creating interactive mobile layouts with pitch-perfect development and the right call to action buttons to bring your end-user closer to you. Help with business expectations.

A large number of businesses are moving their conversations to mobile for any business communication with inventive mobile apps for their target audience, customers, and potential customers. Mobile applications enhance business opportunities and provide your end-users with what they need. It is easy to integrate the mobile applications for any type of communication with the target audience.

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Fastest Growing App Category Last Few Years

Across the world, mobile entertainment and gaming apps are so popular. So, you can check out the most popular mobile application categories from a few years here. Also, to survive and thrive in this digital age, you must be familiar with the changing mobile app development trends. We design many technologies such as React Native, and flutter mobile app development.

Groceries mobile app development

Grocery Delivery Apps

Food and grocery apps are growing rapidly in India as grocery apps are beneficial, convenient and make our daily life simple. These apps are capturing the market through superior services and quality products. From the first lockdown, food, grocery, fruit and vegetable applications are more popular as these applications have been more beneficial in grocery and food delivery lockdown.

Ecommerce Mobile App development

Ecommerce Mobile App

In the digital age, online shopping is essential in the busy life. Many people in India do online shopping only because they are very happy with the convenience it provides. Online shopping applications also increase the sales of many businesses such as garments, jewelry, electronic gadgets, and more.

Education App development

Education App

In the modern era, we still believe more in taking our children in the school classroom, but online education is becoming very popular and famous in our country from last few years. That's why mobile applications of online class or education are most popular. We offer online class mobile application development with complete user friendly in both android and iOS devices.

Health & Fitness App development

Health & Fitness App

In the modern era, we still believe more in taking our children in the school classroom, but online education is becoming very popular and famous in our country from last few years. That's why mobile applications of online class or education are most popular. We offer online class mobile application development with complete user friendly in both android and iOS devices.

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Why Choose A R Infotech?

Why Choose A R Infotech for Mobile Application Development

We have an experienced team and they use updated technology for mobile application development.

We Develop User Friendly and Classy UI/UX interface iOS and Android Mobile Apps.

Mobile App Projects deliver on time.

We develop secure mobile application in both platforms.

Our Ambitions

Our apps create an experience, interactivity, and loyalty. We believe any business can potentially unlock the art of communication by providing an intuitive user interface and amazing customer experience. In fact, we innovate applications for global audiences who want to create their own experience. If your application has a goal, we fulfill it and build an application around that goal which is expected.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Application Design and Development

1. What is the use of Mobile App?

Mobile App (Mobile Application) is software which is designed or developed for mobile devices – Smartphones, Tablet, iPhones, iPad, etc.

You can easily do many things with the mobile application from your mobile phone or tablet like shopping, gaming, entertainment, easy to learn (Educations), communication and much more.

2. What are features of Mobile Apps?

Due to the many features and quality, the mobile app is popular among the users.

  • Small Size: The size of mobile apps is very small as compared to computer. For this reason, despite having less memory, there is no problem in running the smartphone.
  • Easy to use: The mobile app is very easy to operate. It is much cheaper and easier than a computer.
  • High Speed: The working efficiency of the mobile app is faster than other apps or programs.
  • Easy Availability: These are made available by the mobile service provider in the form of App store.
  • Secure: Mobile apps are more reliable and secure than computer software.

3. Android or IOS App which type of Mobile app is more useful?

Both Android and iOS are useful in their respective places. It all depends on the type of mobile device used. If you do business in India only then the Indian audience uses Android phones more, and Android applications will be more useful for you. If you do business worldwide then the iOS application will be more useful because apart from India, iPhone is used more all over the world. But it is not that iOS devices are not used in India. In India I phone users also increasing very rapidly.

4. What type of business needs a mobile application?

Mobile applications are required for many businesses that do business like communication, education, cooking, social media, food ordering, shopping, business (money-making), marriage, entertainment, and banking.

5. Do we also need website along with mobile app?

There is no need for a website; a well-designed mobile app can perform much faster than a mobile website. If you are developing a mobile application then you do not need website development.

6. Which technologies do you use to develop a mobile app?

We use the following technologies for developing and designing a mobile application.

  • Hybrid Apps: These apps are developed for more than one mobile platform and device. These apps are developed using web based technology. They are developed to make the same code compatible for Multi Device.
  • Native Apps: Such apps are developed for only one device or operating system. For example, the app developed for iphone can be run only in the device of ios.
    We cannot operate them in other smartphones. It is not compatible with other devices. Their processing work is very fast. This app gives the user a good User Experience with quality.
  • Web-Based Apps: Such apps are created using CSS, Java Script and HTML technical languages. Their size and shape are very small.

But their performance is very less as compared to others. Web browser is used to access such apps.

7. Why choose A R Infotech for mobile application design & development?

Whoever searches for a website or mobile application development company, first checks the projects designed by company. So here we are telling you why you should choose A R Infotech for mobile application development.

Our app development service is cost-effective. We design the user-friendly layout or the front end of all the applications and after that; we get the design approved by the client. Along with this, we do custom app development. We have a team of experienced designers and developers. We provide maintenance even after the creation of the mobile application.

8. Which platform should we target to launch our Mobile application: Android or iOS?

  • Google Play Store: This is the most popular App Store till date which is developed by google for android. Games and other apps are downloaded from this platform for all Android devices.
  • iOS: These app stores were started by Apple Inc. These are made only for ios. From here ipad, iphone, ipod etc. can be downloaded for apple devices.
  • Microsoft: These app stores are developed by the tech giant Microsoft for Microsoft devices. It develops for both mobile and computer devices.
  • Samsung Apps: Samsung App Store was started by Samsung Company. But this is only for Android Device. It does not have much popularity on the Play store.
  • Amazon Apps: Such apps have been launched by e-commerce company Amazon to make it available for certain devices Kindle, Amazon fire etc.

9. What is the subscription cost of launching the mobile application on the Store?

  • Google Play Store: One-time $25 registration fee for a developer account
  • iOS - Apple Store: $99 annual fee for the Apple Developer Program for individual developer accounts and $299 for company developer accounts.
  • Microsoft Store: One-time registration fee of $19 for individual developer accounts and $99 for company developer accounts.
  • Samsung Apps: Registering for a developer account is FREE and no hidden fees.
  • Amazon Apps: Registering for a developer account is FREE and no hidden fees.
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